Inspiring Pet Teaching’s puppy teaching is personally taught by Linda, who is well educated & experienced in doing the right things for young puppies & their owners to ensure a successful long-term bond & a great life together.

Once the careful socialisation & habituation is underway, your pup will then be ready learn all he is expected to know to take part in family life, as well as other doggie sports +/- work, if that is his destiny!

To book your first lesson, or to find out more, please  contact us.

You may book one-to-one Puppy Start Right lessons at any age/stage (please be aware that there is an upper age limit for group puppy classes).

See our FAQs page for more information on training.

Socialisation & Early Teaching of Your Puppy is Probably the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do For Them! 

Dog Behaviourist, dog trainer

As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!

Puppy Socialisation​

Let us help you bond, teach & learn with your puppy in the best way possible!

You can be sure you’re doing everything right to set him up to become a well-balanced, focused & confident friend for life. We teach these lessons in-home, as well as in small group classes.

Linda is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour & a Puppy Start Right Instructor, so you'll definitely get the right start!

Research tells us that we have a short window at the beginning of a dog’s life (from ~3 to ~18 weeks, depending on the individual & breed), during which we can really influence how your pup sees & copes with the world.

Careful teaching & exposure to a variety of stimuli in a supportive environment will create the foundations for a ready-for-anything adult.

Conversely, the wrong puppy class experience, at this crucial time of life, can cause fear, reactivity & all manner of behavioural problems that can impact welfare, & take a lifetime to sort out... "Behavior problems are the biggest threat to the human-animal bond, and the number-one reason dogs are relinquished." Debbie Martin (KPA faculty member, & author of the Puppy Start Right book & course) - the key is to get them early - so let's gets started!