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As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!

Linda Roberts Ryan veterinary nurse technician lecture VN VTS oncology specialist CPD CE referral

Private Training Lessons

One To One Pet Teaching

Linda specialises in individual training lessons. There are many reasons that you may choose to consult privately with Inspiring Pet Teaching, not least of which being that you & your pet get undivided personal attention & a tailor-made training plan! We operate one-to-one training sessions for dogs & cats, using only kind, fair & effective principles of training & behaviour change. One-to-one training is great value for your time & money, addresses your specific questions, & you'll be well set up for success! 

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Kitties Too!

Have you just acquired a new feline friend? Or do you want to teach an old one something new? From showing a new kitten the ropes, to helping a nervous kitty to enjoy being handled, or taking the stress out of medicating your cat, we can help. Whether you want to train your cat some fun tricks (& yes, it IS possible to train with cats!!), teach her how to take medications, or to use a litter tray or cope with environmental adaptations in the home (e.g. for arthritis, or after surgery) &/or as part of a weight loss program, or simply to build your cat’s confidence &/or deepen your bond with her, Inspiring Pet Teaching's Kitty Clinics could be just what you need! 


Training Lessons​