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As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!

Linda Roberts Ryan veterinary nurse technician lecture VN VTS oncology specialist CPD CE referral

For many years, I have been involved in teaching, in practice, at the veterinary universities & giving educational talks in the UK & abroad. I regularly provide seminars & education locally & in practice, at national & international veterinary congresses, as well as online, & write articles for the veterinary press on various subjects for veterinary nurses, pet professional & pet owners.

My areas of specialist interest include general & advanced level veterinary oncology, clinical nutrition, analgesia, medical nursing & first aid, as well as behavioural/emotional health & welfare, for dogs & cats. I now extend this to my training & behaviour work too. So, whether it's puppies or oldies, kitties, clickers or dog-bite prevention (or feel free to suggest a topic), Inspiring Pet Teaching offers plenty to help you & your clients to better understand the world of animal training & behaviour management!

I currently collaborate with Royal Canin, ONCOREepd, & Karen Pryor Academy to provide a range of nursing, training & 

Education & Seminars​

Education Provision for Veterinary & Pet Professionals

behaviour lectures & modular courses for veterinary nurses. I am a faculty member of the Karen Pryor Academy & offer training courses for professional animal trainers (see below).

Watch out for our upcoming seminar & workshop schedule - topics will include:

  • Puppy/kitten socialisation & early learning - how to get it right!
  • Why does (or doesn't) my dog/cat…? & what can I do about it?!
  • Introduction to clicker training
  • Basic first aid - top tips to help you be prepared
  • When are you coming home? How to help your dog be happily home alone
  • How to best prepare your pet to cope during the firework season
  • Canine/feline communication
  • Canine/feline training & "behaviour 101"

Perfect for veterinary nurses, owners, breeders, shelter staff, etc.

I also have a bank of great pre-recorded medical & oncology nursing lectures, with notes - contact me for more information.

We are proud to offer the world-leading Karen Pryor Academy's flagship Dog Trainer Program to UK & European students - click here to find out more!

Please contact  me if you would like to enrol +/- if are interested in hosting a seminar, e.g. at your school, club, veterinary practice, animal shelter, CPD event, etc.