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As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!
Our classes are suitable for all ages & abilities of dog & handler, & are centered around your bond together.

Skills for Life
Teaching a variety of behaviours, from good manners to problem-solving to life-savers, in a fun & supportive learning environment that you & your dog will both enjoy. This course is aimed at dogs & owners at any life stage/skills level, & is ideally suited to beginners (e.g. puppies) & improvers (e.g. adolescents).   

Introduction to clicker training 
Learn how to teach your pet & work together as a team in this fun 2 hour workshop for beginners & improvers.

Fun & Games:

Our intermediate-advanced classes cover a range of fun skills for you both, helping you keep the momentum, bond & focus that you've built from the beginning,  and allowing you both to stretch a little whilst having fun together! 

Some of the fun stuff we regularly include in these classes is: 

Allow your dog to smell!! Dogs love to use their noses & we love to let them work them. This is one of the most fun & natural classes we run - dogs & owners always have fun together.

Sports Foundations

Learn the foundations you need to take your dog on to any sport or working activities.

Great for the body & mind, building agility, strength & balance, & providing a great foundation for many other dog activities. Have some fun with your dog & learn a bit more about her, gaining some great skills needed to train with her for life! 

Talking Dogs Rally
This is a take on Rally Obedience, which really builds teamwork, helps your dog learn self-control & focus, honing both of your skills. Do it for fun, or take it all the way to competition level.

Teach your dog to "herd" giant gym balls into a goal - super fun! Originally designed as an outlet for herding breeds, now this sport is catching on all over the world & everyone's doing it - young & old, toys & giants - another lovely focus, control & teamwork game :-)


Aimed at those dogs & owners who have done a little one-to-one foundation work & are ready to move on to a group class environment

Out & About Focus Class
This ever-popular class teaches essential recall & lead skills - it could save your dog's life! Aimed at creating focus & building confidence in your dog, & helping you to communicate effectively together. This is an ideal course for dogs who may want to go on to sports, or other working disciplines too.    

To ensure you & your pet receive the personal time & attention you both deserve, we limit our classes to a maximum of four dogs per class, so book soon to guarantee your place!

Please contact Inspiring Pet Teaching for details, schedules & locations. See our FAQs page for more information on our classes. 

Our group courses are run currently in Breamore (Hulse hall). They may also be provided on an in-home one-to-one basis, which is a popular option.

There is often a lot to fit into class & an hour can go by in a flash so, to help you remember what you learned & enhance your practicing at home, many of our classes are supported by handouts & video tutorials.

Our group classes will run as demand dictates, & dependant on the "doggie demographic" - let us know what you’d like to do with your dog :-) 
All courses are run subject to sufficient enrollment. Outdoor classes will be run in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Whether you're starting out with a new addition to the family, wanting to brush up on your existing skills, advance what you already know, have some fun together, or create a little "zen" in your lives, we run fun classes which you're sure to enjoy.

Our classes are suitable for all ages & abilities of dog & handler, & are centered around you & your dog having fun whilst learning together, building relationship & confidence, & encouraging your dog to use that wonderful brain of his!

Beginners  & Improvers:

Puppy Start Right

A well-run, professional puppy course is a wonderful thing! Have in-home lessons, &/or bring your little bundle of cuteness to our socialisation & early learning classes & be sure you’re doing everything right to set him up to become a well-balanced, focused & confident friend for life.

Group Classes​