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Linda Roberts Ryan veterinary nurse technician lecture VN VTS oncology specialist CPD CE referral


Client Reviews

"Linda came to me highly recommended for puppy training by my vets, & she lived up to her rave reviews! I am proud to have a puppy I can take anywhere, working on Linda’s advice. Although a dog owner for a number of years, Linda pointed out little things I wouldn’t normally have noticed! The lessons were informative, relevant & useful, but importantly, fun - really enjoyable when you see positive results. The instructions were clear… & very much at our own pace. I was very well supported with online communication. Lessons were very much worth my time & money - one-to-one is well worth the money! I would highly recommend Inspiring Pet Teaching’s services." Sue & Rosie, May 2017

"Thank you so much for all your inspiring advice with Dexter. We will continue with everything to improve  his well-being in his doggy life. Thank you so very much. Team Dexter" Lesley & Dexter, Feb 2017

"We love our training with Linda. Every session improves our understanding of each other (human & dog) in a really fun way. Thank you Linda for helping us so much. Mars & Twiggy love training - as do I!" Kirsty & Mars/Twiggy, Jan 2017

"Excellent training - I learnt so much, which has been a great help with my adopted rescue Jack Russell who was totally out of control and a nervous dog. Very comprehensive follow up emails and information were a real help. Without your help and knowledge I probably would have thought that Nova was beyond help as a result of the bad treatment she’d had but Nova is now a lovely little bundle of fun, thanks Linda." Dave & Nova, Aug 2106

"Wonderful training! Excellent trainer... I have learnt a lot, thank you Linda. Just terrific!" Briony & Daisy, July 2016

"Linda, you've been absolutely brilliant with us and Rio, you are so inspiring and encouraging, always full of fantastic practical advice no matter what the problem was. We have come a long way from how Rio was when we first met, and although we still have a way to go we know it's possible thanks to your great teaching and informative back up notes after a session so we don't forget anything! :-) We have learnt a lot from you and all very relevant to our situation, the best part is that it was very good simple practical advice that we could do with Rio and it. I felt that the lessons were worth my time & money, for all the above reasons, and also that you were always on time for the lessons, very professional and confident and certainly know your stuff!"
​Sue & Rio, May 2016

"I can't thank you enough for all of the training that you have done with us, especially the last session. Cassie has been AMAZING since we implemented your dog walking training strategy. I have been able to walk her on a loose lead and she has been so much better. I have been able to walk her around the village without her pulling. It has become a joy to walk her - I'm almost euphoric due to her progress - before your input, it was an absolute nightmare and I avoided doing it. I now look forward to taking her out so we can continue to work on her progress. She even has had long stretches of road when she has been loose, floppy dog with relaxed mouth, ears and tail and she has had a massive 'grin' on her face. I can tell that she trusts me more because I am listening to her and we have become so much closer as a result."
Michelle & Cassie, Apr 2016

“Thanks for your help... [Peaches] did really well with clicker training, making it much easier to control her chase instinct. She is also much better getting in and out of the car, and with handling. I am finding it easier to spot her escalating fear and, as a result, she is easier to handle. The kids are much more respectful of her and obeying the 5 second rule. She managed to walk alongside a cycle race today without barking or chasing once! She's a great little pup.”

Paula & Peaches, Mar 2016

“Tae’s behaviour changed about 10 minutes after Linda arrived at our home. Tae knew what was expected of her, and was happy to do it. Exercising her brain is great for her – though we were both tired out afterwards …! Linda was patient, & we packed a lot in to the lessons, but that was great. The lesson notes we received afterwards helped us be able to keep practicing new things after the lessons had finished. [Re value for time & money] It’s dramatically improved our dog’s behaviour and set us a target of how I want to treat our dog – never angry, and more supportive. Years of potential anger and frustration have been avoided – how much is that worth! I am now much more confident with our dog, and better able to see signs of when she is happy/disinterested, etc., and how determining her mood is so important – we no longer ‘expect’ her to like us, but earn it by doing some things that she likes in return for her doing things we like. A huge thank you, our relationship with our dog has changed (improved) dramatically, as has her behaviour.”

Jeremy & Tae, Feb 2016

“Both Darcey and I have found the course very enjoyable and fun. The training given has provided us with the tools to help us with the obedience and social skills required when out with your dog. With each lesson Darcey has been gaining confidence and the improvement from the start of the course has been amazing. We are both looking forward to the new term. Throughout the course Linda ensures that the training is tailored to your dogs ability and needs.We have certainly noticed a difference since we have been training with you.”

Christina & Darcey, Dec 2015

“I thought you might be interested in some feedback on Archie since it's nearly 9 months since I last saw you with him. I started off by walking him on his own on the lead, as you had taught - we used your escape mechanisms to which his response became excellent. We had the occasional confrontation with the odd dog charging over, or when we came across other dogs unexpectedly, or passed them coming the other way along the road, but in the main his anxiety aggression was in control because, I think our many one to ones were causing him to place his confidence in me. More recently, Archie will hardly be on the lead at all as we walk - the change in him has been quite dramatic to the extent that he can now greet to other dogs without confrontation, and while he may still be slightly anxious, all of those signs of aggression have gone. Previously, meeting other dogs when out and off the lead would be an ordeal and I had reached the point at which I didn't really feel able to take him out at all. This was the point at which, of course, I called you in. I can't be absolutely certain that when on the lead he will be perfect now when meeting other dogs, but whatever happens we're virtually there. Walking him without worrying what will happen next and knowing that he can him meet other dogs when out is absolutely wonderful, and has put the fun back into walking him with the other two. Yes, he still runs around with huge energy when out always with an eye for anything that moves (he's still only 3!), but I'm now so much more in control of him than was the case 9 months ago. Oh, and I should mention too that when I occasionally put him on the lead for short spells he doesn't pull my shoulder off any longer! All of these huge improvements in Archie, and the way I have handled him to reach this point, are down to the training you gave us both - we're at least 90% there, and maybe more. I can't thank you enough.”

Richard & Archie, Dec 2015

“Classes are always informative and fun. We can be guaranteed of always learning something new with Linda.”

Carole & Jody, Jul 2015

“Linda was recommended by a friend when Meg was chased and bitten by another dog and became worryingly reactive. After the first couple of one to one sessions, it became clear that Linda was ‘one in a million’ – extremely knowledgeable, able to convey ideas and instructions clearly, kindly and sensitively, and someone I trust implicitly to do all she can to help Meg and I. I frequently recommend Linda to people with problem dogs (an area in which she excels), puppies, and anyone who is keen to improve their relationship with their dog. In fact, I wouldn’t consider recommending anyone else!!  Meg loves all the activities – learning new tricks, scenting, skipping (!!) all helped her to work with increasing confidence and obvious enjoyment – as I did too! Becoming more aware of body language while  learning a variety of new activities was very relevant and useful. Always brilliantly taught, with clear instructions and much encouragement. All great – we both feel very safe and happy in class!”

Gill & Meg, Jul 2015

“Can't believe how much Freddie has changed over the past 6 weeks. I can't thank Linda enough for all she's taught both me and Fred! My little puglet is finally getting somewhere and we both love it! A huge thank you to Inspiring Pet Teaching.”

Sophie & Freddie, Jul 2015

“Thank you for the great one-to-one session and all the follow-up information, it was fun and really useful. Since we saw you we have been very busy providing good social experiences for Messi and getting to grips with the clicker. If we hadn't have had our lesson we would be quite fed up by now and would have missed out on so much.”

Jade & Messi, Jun 2015

“Linda has taught us some amazing skills just within 3 one to one sessions. The lessons were very specific to our needs. Linda demonstrates and then observes, she also emails a summary of what we've covered to make sure we've got it. She sent notes on each session straight afterwards with good feedback for us to work on. I've learned as much as Trevor, and together we are calmer and more confident when we're out and about, and play time is more constructive and interactive at home. Trevor was so enthusiastic about learning and completely shattered by the end of it! Linda is calmness personified and clearly understands how dogs think. We now understand how to respond with Trevor's mad moments. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Linda. She is passionate about what she does and really wants us all to have the most positive relationships with our dogs.”

Zoë & Trevor, Jan 2015

“Busy and I loved the sessions, they taught us valuable skills which have not only helped with day to day life but also increased the bond between us. It is extremely satisfying when you see the all the hard work paying off. Busy is a really lively dog with a low attention span, but when we are training she is always really interested and engaged. Afterwards she is more tired than any walk I have ever taken her on! The follow-up was excellent, after every lesson and there were always good videos to back up what we had learnt. The investment was definitely worth it we have learnt some great skills that will take us through life. I have already been recommending to others!”

Emily & Busy, Jan 2015

“Linda came into our lives with our new puppy and helped us understand our puppy, and help us teach Pepper to understand us. Thank you  - you have enabled us to enjoy our puppy. I always learnt something new, there was always rapid follow up email, with helpful information, & always excellent value for money and never rushed. We chose Linda because I loved her website and after speaking to her felt totally reassured.”

Nicky & Pepper, Jan 2015

“Thank you for making us understand more how to interact with Bobo so we can both be happier!

Fennie, Tina, Amy & Bobo, Sept 2014

“My name’s Adrian, and me and my puppy, Lars, have benefited a lot from the training classes. He is now more patient, polite and he makes our life a joy when he’s around. The classes were everything we could’ve asked for in the amount of time that we had and we are all very satisfied with how Lars is progressing overall. We would also like to thank Linda because the time spent with the lessons was both fun and productive!”

Adrian & Lars, Sept 2014

“It has been a difficult journey for us. Bod is a Spanish rescue dog isn't food motivated, is easily distracted and very anxious/fearful. Linda has helped me to understand the communication he making with me and how to react to his signals. We have tried a variety of situations where he can best learn and our relationship has been greatly strengthened by this journey. Linda is very adaptable and always has something else to try, nothing is ever hopeless. You can just feel she genuinely loves dogs, her attention and focus is always on your dog when spending time with her. Hopefully we will be able learn more when classes start again Bod loves her and says thank you for helping him to understand what will enrich his new life.”

Linda & Bod, Aug 2014

“I found the lessons informative & helpful for my timing. Misty like doing things - we had fun! We were able to learn at our own pace, I felt supported & I have a better understanding of Misty.”

Ruth & Misty, July 2014

"I am so thankful that a friend recommended Inspiring Pet Teaching because I had reached the point of despair with Lara’s increasing aggression towards other dogs and her distraction when out on walks. Linda has provided Lara and I with the tools, knowledge and confidence to continue working together to gain fun in our walks and activities and to establish a strong and trusting relationship. I love my dog dearly, but now I can be  proud of her and with Linda’s help I can now continue to support Lara as she works on regaining her trust with other dogs. The training has provided the best foundation for Lara and I to build upon. It took a while for me to understand but that is because of preconceived ideas, outdated theories, etc. getting in the way - Linda was always patient and kept things simple. She always answered emails promptly and with so much positive support. The handouts are very easy to read and full of information. It is difficult to explain how much was learned at each lesson – not just the technique, but confidence building, a good relationship with Linda so that I felt that I could approach her with any question. This is as important as the training itself, I believe. Ultimately, this training will ensure my dog and I don’t end up in court on allegations of aggression!! Also, poorly trained dogs caused Lara to lose confidence and trust in other dogs – I now have the tools to prevent Lara doing the same to other young dogs. And I loved spending the time with Lara, no distractions, no chores to do – it was fun.I have found the style of training, the support and knowledge of the trainer to be excellent and would definitely recommend Inspiring Pet Teaching to anyone with dogs with “issues”. To be brutally honest, I wish someone had recommended this training when we first adopted Lara. We would never have experienced the stress and anxiety we have been through before learning of Inspiring Pet Teaching.”

Shelley & Lara, July 2014

“I’ve not had a puppy for 20 years, and it was quite difficult to get used to having one again. Though Mika isn’t my first dog, I was very aware my knowledge and experience were dated, we understand so much more about animals and how their psyche works and how they learn now. I didn’t want to repeat some of those old training methods. Linda was highly recommended by a friend after I had quite a frustrated experience from being in a puppy training class that was very chaotic and not providing the space and conditions needed to train puppies positively. I felt I was left with more difficulties than what I had before those puppy classes.  I’m very grateful to have found Linda as the results with Mika was immediate and Mika is a totally different dog, having more confidence (and so do I) and a lot more calmer than what she was before, which is something most people with cocker spaniels, will know, can be problematic at times.  The difference it made with Mika was well worth doing. I have found Linda very understanding and personalised focussed on what was needed and she provided the right conditions, support and skills needed for both Mika and me to learn what was needed.  What was also important for me was that Linda moved at a pace that was right for us. I would highly recommend Linda to anybody who would like to get the most out of their relationship with their dog and also discover their dog’s potential. There are so much more to dogs than just feeding, walking and chucking a ball/toy at them.  It is so great to see a dog making choices that are the right choices because they want to please you, be and interact with you, rather than being submissive through fear. To see Mika make right choices even when I’m not asking her, is quite a pleasure.  Another important thing Linda taught me, and I still have a lot to learn, is reading and understanding Mika’s body language and learning different ways of managing Mika so she succeed in what I want from her.  Linda’s methods are kind, and she’s very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in passing that knowledge on which were qualities that promoted my skills to train Mika more effectively.”

Naomi & Mika, July 2014

“[Our lesson] was time well spent, & we will continue with Linda when the opportunity arrises. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Bryan & Nixon, June 2014

“Me and Dodger both found the sessions fun, engaging and rewarding. We both learnt a lot about communication and had fun at the same time!! Linda was great throughout, always tailoring the sessions to suit Dodger, and all the additional material and emails were very helpful, hoping to do more sessions in the future :)”

Chloe & Dodger, June 2014

“I have gained enormously from both the one-to-one sessions and the course of classes that Sky and I attended. I have been taught a great deal about animal behaviour and how this informs the positive training methods that I am helped to employ. I have been given skills that will help throughout the rest of my dog owning life. More importantly, I have always felt supported and have been helped to feel a sense of achievement, even when progress seemed slow. Thank you for the kindness and patience that you show both owner and dog. I would recommend you wholeheartedly to others - as in fact I already have.”

Paula & Sky, May 2014

“I continue to be amazed at how much can be achieved when you know the right way to interact with your dog!  Both Meg and I have grown in confidence -the apprehension has almost gone, allowing us to really enjoy everything we do in class and ‘set-ups’ without fear of something going wrong. Through the positive reinforcement we have learnt that actually there is no ‘wrong’ as such – this can be ignored and replaced with ‘right’! – without resorting to any negatives.  I hope this makes sense?! The whole clicker training/positive reinforcement thing has been a complete revelation to me. Linda is an amazing teacher, giving much praise to dogs and handlers... the change in my hyperactive, reactive dog is fantastic. Several people have commented on how much calmer and relaxed Meg is.”

Gill & Meg, May 2014  

“Merlin & I learned many training techniques & invaluable tools for our future - it was positive & effective, & I would recommend this for any puppy owner. I have already passed your details on to my vets!”

Michele & Merlin, Mar 2014

“Pepe & I had fun. The lessons were very well explained, with lots of helpful tips and hand-outs, plus videos. Thank you Linda for helping me understand Pepe and why she acts the way she does!”

Paulette & Pepe, Mar 2014

“We have some great strategies that we learnt during our one-to-one sessions that we can continue working with and using now our lessons have finished. Having one-to-one was great as we could really focus on very specific areas. We will keep going with the things we have learnt, and I have already seen a big difference on walks. We covered a lot in the classes - it all came together at the end into a couple of key things to keep working on - thank you.”

Flora & Toby, Mar 2014

“Just when I think I have Padstow under control, he comes up with a new problem. Linda always seems to have another helpful piece of advice to solve it.”

Colleen & Padstow, Mar 2014

“Inspiring Pet Teaching is a brilliant start for puppy & owner. We learnt strategies for managing issues which will be transferable throughout Pip's life. I have already recommended Inspiring Pet Teaching!”

Liz & Pippa, Feb 2014

“Meg, my 2 year old Labrador was badly frightened by other dogs on several occasions and was showing worrying signs of fear aggression which I wasn’t at all sure how to deal with. Linda was incredibly perceptive and understanding of Meg’s needs (and mine!) and showed me, very gently and calmly, techniques to help me keep her safe and happy.  I was amazed how quickly Meg learned through the clicker training, how much she enjoyed it and how much calmer she became over the course of lessons. Linda is very knowledgeable and extremely good at conveying instructions and ideas – she is very aware of individual’s needs, dog and human! An amazing teacher with an engaging manner and excellent skills. Even in the group sessions Linda was well aware of how each individual dog was reacting and feeling, and adjusted her management to suit individual needs. Linda has throughout been readily available and willing to give advice and reassurance by phone and email when problems or anxieties cropped up between sessions.  Invaluable service! I continue to be amazed how much can be achieved without any form of force or coercion, and certainly no punishment – learning and understanding the power of rewarding the positive and ignoring the negative. Meg is loving the training and so am I! This is ongoing – but we're definitely on the right track. I feel much happier about being able to support Meg and understanding how she is feeling in different situations. Being a teacher myself, I can recognize the excellent qualities needed to be a good, caring teacher who is able to show understanding and great patience with pupils in their care.  Linda has these qualities in abundance and shows kindness and sensitivity in all her dealings with the dogs and their handlers.”

Gill & Meg, Feb 2014

“I was very satisfied with my training lesson [originally won as a raffle prize, then continued with a 6-week course]. Linda explained everything really well & gave me lots of training tips. Her follow up email was thorough & refreshed my memory. She covered a lot in the time I had. I look forward to putting into practice all that I have learned. The advice will help a lot with future training.”

Sue & Nelson, Feb & June 2014

“Very well planned & well organised lessons. Amber's individual issues were addressed.”

Marilyn & Amber, Feb 2014

“The guidance provided by Linda has set both me, my partner & Winston up for success. We feel confident in our abilities & look forward to working with Winston to ensure a happy, healthy & lovable puppy :-)”

Toni, Steve & Winston, Dec 2013

“Ruth, Mike & George would thoroughly recommend Inspiring Pet Teaching, Linda is amazing. We took on a rescue dog with issues, & she has worked with us tirelessly to try to get the best out of George. We are still working with her & George is now a very different dog from when we picked him up at the animal shelter. George loves Linda & the one-to-one are brilliant. A thoroughly professional service, offered by a lovely lady, who is very experienced in her field.”

Ruth, Mike & George, Nov 2013

“I have to say that observing mine and other dogs on the Fun Nosework course, the dogs genuinely have so much fun with their scent work, and clicker training. If the dog is having fun, then so is the owner! Looking forward to attending further courses.”

Carole & Jody, Oct 2013

“Linda’s positive, cheerful, enthusiastic & expert approach to the lessons made it an excellent experience for Jane & me, & our 2 dogs. We, & they, learnt so much in such a short period. Archie, who is now 10 months old now, has the basics in place (as have I) for the rest of his life. What a difference it made in just 4 lessons - we are really pleased. Both dogs benefited. Linda’s very strong point was there should be no coercion or force, etc. used, & it works a treat! The small size of the classes facilitated this for both of us. Keeping young dogs engaged for an hour involved having loads of fun & different activities - this was certainly achieved. Poppy will need more work as she has behavioural issues which have undoubtedly improved over the 4 week course.”

Jane & Richard, with Poppy & Archie, July 2013

“I am very pleased with our progress in the Skills for Life Course... I learned a lot & had fun. The follow-up video tutorials were a helpful refresher... I would recommend Inspiring Pet Teaching & have spoken very highly of the training at my vet.”

David & Molly, June 2013
"We've had Wizard since he was 2, he's a miniature Shetland and, although we did begin breaking him at 4, since then he's just been a pet. He loves being cuddled but always on his own terms. Before Linda started working with Wizard he was very difficult to catch and would bolt, kick and run at the sight of a halter/lead rope. When the farrier or vet came it could take me up to twenty minutes to catch him. His partner in crime, Vicky, on the other hand, can be caught immediately. Linda began working with him in May 2012 and, within one session, he began to change. He is now a completely different pony. He decides to put his halter on at the word “halter”. I no longer have to hide ropes & halters on approach. He comes when called and stops when asked. The vet was able to inject him without him moving. The difference is amazing. Wizard will never be ridden as he's too small, but Linda has made such a huge difference to his life. I would strongly recommend you give clicker training a go and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Linda. She's simply wonderful and Wiz loves her.”

Cli & Wizard, Oct 2012
Take a look at Wiz's boxing up video!

"Thank you so much for all your inspiring advice with Dexter. We will continue with everything to improve  his well-being in his doggy life. Thank you so very much. Team Dexter" 

Lesley & Dexter, Feb 2017

"I am hugely grateful to have started training with Linda, who I was highly recommended by my vet and their staff. I feel that Linda completely understands Roy and the issues he and I face. She is super-knowledgeable, passionate and a great educator. Her explanations and instructions are excellent, as are her info sheets and the notes she created just for us. The steps she suggested we put in place are already helping. I know I made the right choice as I feel completely supported and now feel optimistic for Roy’s future as a happier dog!" Becca & Roy, Feb 2018

"I learned a great deal from Linda about the dog world and how humans and dogs can best work together!  The lessons were fun for both my dog and me and went by in a flash.  It’s now down to the humans in the family to keep working on it. I know our dog wants to!" Anita & Monty, Oct 2017

"Thank you so much for the wonderful session last week for Simba. I am seeing an improvement already and am really enjoying the training sessions with him. I had a go [at recall] this morning in the park and he came back every time when I asked, and got a treat! Huge thanks I am enjoying him so much more and telling the rest of the family that yelling at him is counterproductive. You were so kind and supportive and we are all much happier." Doone & Simba, May 2017