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At Inspiring Pet Teaching, we often work to help dogs who behave in a fearful, anxious or reactive way around other dogs +/- people. Sometimes this means that we need to work with dogs +/- people who are unfamiliar to the learner dog in order to help them feel safer & more confident in stressful situations.

So, from time to time we need a little outside help. When working with our learner dogs, we always do so in a way that is safe & un-traumatic for both them, the helper dog & the humans involved. We closely monitor our learner & helper dogs (or humans) for signs of stress & work at distances great enough to ensure everyone’s comfort & safety to ensure that all concerned have a positive training experience.

Do you think you could help us to help these worried dogs feel better about the world around them? If yes, please contact Inspiring Pet Teaching - thanks!

N.B. In keeping with our “First, do no harm” principles, all dogs being considered as volunteers must be physically & behaviourally healthy & will receive a free consultation/assessment by Inspiring Pet Teaching before entry onto our list.


Welcome to Inspiring Pet Teaching's resource section.

Here you will find links to organisations who promote & facilitate modern & effective training, in a fun & practical way, as well as articles & recommended reading about training & behaviour for pets. Here, you can find out how to volunteer to help other dogs & read our FAQs page for practical information on the classes & services we offer, along with other useful resources.

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More Useful Resources

Safe toys & chews for your dogs & other pets: 

CEVA’s pheromone range to help dogs cope better with environmental fear & stress:

CEVA’s pheromone range to help cats cope better with environmental fear & stress:

Zylkene (MSD Animal Health) - a nutraceutical made from milk protein, designed to support dogs & cats through difficult times.
These products are available through our affiliate Pet Store.

Books & DVDs:
Positive Animal Solutions

The Yellow Dog Project: for dogs in need of space - useful resources & shop (for "I need space" dogs coats, leads, etc., T-shirts & more)

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