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What the Professionals Say​

Royal Canin Advanced Pet Health Counsellor Course - Comments From The Veterinary Nurses Attending Royal Canin's Advanced Pet Health Counsellor Course, Oct 2016:

Clicker Training Comments:

  • Very interesting
  • Interactive, fun
  • Great, excited to try it. Lovely speaker and lovely dog
  • Great lecture, can’t wait to try clicker training
  • Great videos and shows anything is possible. Very good speaker
  • Fantastic!
  • Loved it, especially the practical – going to practice on my own doggie!
  • Really enjoyed, very interactive
  • Super fantastic, great fun. Brilliant speaker, inspired to star having fun with the clicker again with my amazing dog who has cognitive dysfunction
  • Fantastic lecture, loved it!
  • Now learnt new skills which I didn’t have before, Could have been a longer practice session, demo with real dogs
  • Excellent, very interactive, really enjoyed lecture and activity
  • Interested in learning more
  • Great interaction and fun

Oncology Training Comments:

  • Made me realise that there are things we can do in practice to help with QOL etc. It’s not just patients who have been referred for chemo etc.
  • Informative, I love the saying ‘old age is not a disease’
  • Great speaker, very interesting and ideas to take back to practice
  • Good understanding of how can help in practice
  • Liked the practical 
  • Good and interactive
  • Very good lecture, learnt loads about the wider subject of oncology. Fantastic speaker
  • Great speaker
  • Informative, especially as I don’t do chemo in practice. Great talker and explained very well. 
  • Learnt loads of new info

Royal Canin Advanced Pet Health Counsellor course - comments from the Veterinary Nurses attending Royal Canin's Advanced Pet Health Counsellor Course, Oct 2015:

Clicker Training:

  • Really useful plan to use in practice and home
  • Very inspiring
  • Excellent speaker
  • I am now keen to learn more and bring this into practice
  • Linda is an excellent speaker and the session was very useful
  • Very thorough enjoyed the interactive learning
  • Very good and informative
  • Very good, good to get interactive
  • Really built my confidence to start with my dogs.  Good general understanding gained
  • Awesome!  Didn’t realise there were so many applications for it
  • Will be trying this out on my dog
  • Very enthusiastic and informative lecture really enjoyed
  • Will be trying to train my cat!

Oncology Comments:

  • Raised awareness or errors in practice
  • Will be able to improve current practice
  • Very informative.  Like the case study – Great speaker
  • Good – Informative
  • Really useful information, lots to take home and implement in practice. Fab!
  • Very useful
  • Again brilliant
  • Linda is lovely and so knowledgeable. Engaging speaker.

"Thank you so much for coming to speak on Oncology Nursing to the BVNA Hampshire region last night. The evening was enjoyed by all who attended and it was nice to see nurses so keen to learn about such an important part of our work."

Laura, Regional BVNA coordinator for Hampshire, July 2015.

"Linda has been a wonderful teacher. 5 stars. Always willing to help and quick to answer questions. She is very kind and knowledgeable (that goes without saying really, as she is a KPA partner and tutor!)."

Jennie, Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Trainer Program student, Apr 2015

"I have recently watched your Puppies: Socialisation, Classes and Early Learning parts 1 and 2, and the Introduction to Clicker Training webinars that are available on Vet Nurse Online. I have found these very helpful and informative in helping me to structure the classes and what information to give/teach - thank you."

Ann-Marie, Veterinary Nurse, Mar 2015

Royal Canin Advanced Pet Health Counsellor course 2014:

Clicker Training: comments -

 Inspirational / Excellent speaker – really inspiring / Easy to listen to, motivated me to try clicker training / Fantastic speaker / Wasn’t interested in this until today - Linda was brilliant and now I want to know more! / Great lecturer / Very awesome speaker, clear, concise!

Oncology Nursing: comments -

"Gave me confidence to deal with oncology patients / I could listen to Linda all day! Really positive / Great talk, great speaker, loved it! / A great insight into oncology / Inspirational / Really useful and interesting / Lovely informative lady, need her in my life!"

from the Veterinary Nurses attending Royal Canin's Advanced Pet Health Counsellor Course, Oct 2014 

"Your oncology talk at BVNA congress was a definite highlight! Thanks for your amazing knowledge, ability to share it and your passion, which shone through."

Caroline, Veterinary Nurse - BVNA Congress 2014  

"I have just organized a Puppy Talk for our clients. Linda was very approachable and it was very easy to arrange the talk. Two hours presentation covered so much, including training tips and behaviour problems. Everybody really enjoyed it... It was fun, well-taught & definitely worth the time & money."

Jana, Veterinary Nurse, Vets4Pets - Jul 2014

"I was at the PHC refresher last week and found your talk on clicker training fascinating. Having had them [clickers] on our counter at work for years I can honestly say I've never really known how to use them. I am now converted and will definitely be advising clients on the benefits. I also intend on having a go myself with my dog Claire. "

Veterinary Nurse - Royal Canin's Pet Health Counsellor update day, Oct 2013

Some feedback from the veterinary nurses attending our "Oncology Nursing & Critical Care" workshop at Royal Canin's Advanced Pet Health Counsellor course in Sept 2013:

  • Passionate and interesting lecture
  • Thought provoking
  • Very useful, health and safety info
  • Very good, didn’t realise how dangerous it [unsafe use of chemo] was
  • Passionate and interesting lecture
  • Thought provoking
  • Very useful, health and safety info
  • Really enjoyed it
  • Brilliant, very informative
  • Really interesting and informative, I want to know more

Some of the comments from the veterinary nurses who attended Linda's Puppy Socialisation lecture for Royal Canin's Pet Health Counsellor course in Feb 2013:

"Enjoyed this talk & will make me change my approach to puppies & parties."

"Excellent way of giving a new perspective."

"Good, helped answer questions." 

"Thank you for your participation in the Karen Pryor Academy program. You showed good “clicker spirit” in your interactions with dogs, clients & fellow students. You were skillful, considerate & effective in training your loaner dog. Overall, your training skills were good, as seen by videos of training your own dog, in your written homework assignments, & in the work done on site at Legacy. In the teaching assignment, you showed courtesy & warmth towards your students, & were happy, upbeat & kind - it’s obvious that you have had teaching experience. Keep up the good work."

Terry Ryan, KPA Faculty Member/Instructor & President of Legacy Canine, Sept 2012