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Veterinary Nurse Specialist in Behaviour, Qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer

Offering Behaviour & Training Support for Cats & Dogs - online across the UK, & in person locally

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Linda is a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behaviour, & is a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist - ASAB accredited (for cats & dogs). Learn more...

At Inspiring Pet Teaching we understand how pets learn. Let us help you & your pets learn successfully, & enjoy your lives together! Read more... 

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Dog Behaviorist

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We use only positive, force-free, training methods and are committed to making training a great experience for both you and your pet. Learn more about our philosophy.

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Puppy & Kitten Socialisation & Early Life Training

Thoughtful socialisation & early life learning is the most important thing you'll do for your pup or kitten to set them up for a great life with you, right from the start!


CCAB ​Dog Behaviourist, dog trainer CCAB

Supporting Cats, Dogs & Their People Towards Behaviour & Training Success!