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Having concerns about your cat's behaviour can be stressful for you, as well as for them. As a cat lover, I understand how upsetting & frustrating cat behaviour problems can be, & there is help at hand! Trust your cat to a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist for cats, & Registered Veterinary Nurse. I am here to support you & your cat(s) towards your goals, help build strong relationships & understanding, restore harmony, & reduce stress for all.

Whether it's kitten socialisation and raising for success; showing a newly acquired cat the ropes; helping a nervous kitty feel safer in the home; cat training; teaching cats to enjoy being handled or taking the stress out of medicating; introducing a new cat or helping with inter-cat or inter-pet relationship issues; working with toileting problems, destruction, aggression, & more - there's so much we can do to help you & your cat(s), & to set you up for success. 

​Do you have a multi-cat household? Does your cat toilet where you would rather s/he didn't? Does s/he scratch the furniture? Are there relationship problems with you & your cat, other family members, or other pets? Do you have concerns about how your cat behaves? Is s/he anxious, or does s/he show aggression, or other concerning behaviours? Do you have to regularly medicate your cat or visit the vet - how does your cat cope?  

I am an ASAB-accredited Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist for cats, & a Veterinary Specialist Technician in Behaviour. I have spent many spent years working alongside feline specialists in university referral veterinary clinics, therefore understand cat health, behaviour & their delicate interplay. I am amply qualified & experienced to work with cats with behaviour problems, & am always happy to collaborate with you & your vet to offer the best care.

Health, illness & stress in cats are very closely related, therefore behavioural & environmental management can have a real impact on your cat's quality of life. Our modern human lifestyle can be particularly hard on our cats. Many cats now live partially, or exclusively, indoors, sometimes with other pets, & often in situations very different from how they would choose to arrange them for themselves. Some feel anxious or have difficulty coping, others use unwanted behaviours to try to "take matters into their own paws", often creating difficulties for the humans that live with them, & with decreased welfare for cats & people alike. With the right behavioural care, there is so much we can do to improve these situations for our feline friends, & for the people who live them. 

So, whether you have cat behaviour concerns, want to work on kitten socialisation, train your cat some fun tricks (& yes, it is very possible to train with cats - & fun!), teach them how to take medications, or to use a litter tray or cope with environmental adaptations in the home (e.g. for arthritis, or after surgery) &/or as part of a weight loss program, or simply to build your cat’s confidence &/or deepen your bond with them, Inspiring Pet Teaching's cat behaviour service can help you achieve your goals. 

Contact Linda to get started. I consult UK-wide and Internationally (online) on cat behaviour cases.

Veterinary Nurse Specialist in Behaviour, Qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer

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