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From showing a new kitten the ropes, to helping a nervous kitty to enjoy being handled, or taking the stress out of medicating your cat, we can help. 

​Do you have a multi-cat household? Does your cat toilet where you would rather she didn't? Do they scrabble the furniture? Are there relationship problems with you & your cat, other family members, or other pets? Do you have concerns about how your kitty behaves? Would you like her to behave differently!

Do you have to regularly medicate your cat or visit the vet? Have you been told by your vet that your cat has cystitis? Has your cat been diagnosed with arthritis, obesity, or other conditions that require changes to her environment? 

Having many spent years working alongside with feline specialists in university referral clinics, I understand cat behaviour. Health, illness & stress in cats are very closely related, therefore behavioural & environmental management can have a real impact on your cat's quality of life. Whilst prevention is always better than cure, thankfully, there is a lot of environmental arrangement we can do to improve the situation for our feline friends. 

So, whether you want to train your cat some fun tricks (& yes, it is very possible to train with cats!!), teach her how to take medications, or to use a litter tray or cope with environmental adaptations in the home (e.g. for arthritis, or after surgery) &/or as part of a weight loss program, or simply to build your cat’s confidence &/or deepen your bond with her, Inspiring Pet Teaching's Kitty Clinics could be just what you need!

Our modern way of life can be particularly hard on our cats who, it has 

Behaviour problems? New feline friend? Or want to teach an old one something new?

Kitties Too!​

traditionally been posited, are “aloof” & don’t need much company, that they “take care of themselves” - not so - all pets need care specific to their needs. Many cats now live partially, or exclusively, indoors, in situations very different from how they would choose to arrange them for themselves.

We often don’t realise that space & territory are big deals for cats, & that cats are often unable to communicate their stress with us until it is at a point where they can no longer cope - this is when we see behavioural problems, e.g. house soiling, fearful or destructive behaviours, or even medical conditions, for example cystitis &/or obesity. Cats also need company & plenty of outlets for their natural behaviours.

Inspiring Pet Teaching will help you learn great communication skills, build strong bonds & teach cats how to cope & enjoy their environment. Contact usto get started. 

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