Puppy & Kitten Socialisation

Great Socialisation & Early-Life Teaching is Probably the Most Important Thing You Will Do for Your Puppy or Kitten! 

Let us help you get early-life training right from the start! From forming a strong & supportive bond with your pup or kitten, to socialisation & life skills, to teaching & learning together for life, Inspiring Pets can help set you up for success!

The early weeks & months of life are so important for learning how to be happy, confident & successful in our human world. In kittens the socialisation window is earlier (2-8ish weeks), & in puppies a little longer & later (3-12 or up to 16 weeks), so there's lots to do in a short time! However it is important not to rush things, put pressure on our young learners, or risk causing anxiety through over-exposure or injudicious exposure. The right teaching & exposures during the early-life socialisation period (or lack of it +/- the wrong teaching/exposure) can really influence how your pup or kitten sees & copes with their world forever. Without a careful & proactive start, behavioural problems are more likely, which of course negatively impact pets' & their peoples' welfare, & can take a lifetime of work to cope with... Behaviour problems are the biggest threat to the human-animal bond, and the number-one reason dogs are relinquished. 

It is vital to work slowly & steadily on calm, gentle & positive socialisation & exposure to life, in a mindful way. So, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right to set you bundle of joy up to become a well-balanced, happy & confident friend for life. Linda teaches individualised socialisation & early-life lessons in your home, & sometimes out & about, e.g. at the vets, groomers, in the car, or on walks (puppies), etc., +/- occasional small groups.

Linda is a certified animal trainer, Veterinary Nurse Specialist in Behaviour, & an ASAB-accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (for cats & dogs), so you're being appropriately guided in starting out right. We teach in a fun, easy & tailored way, which helps you understand your pet’s needs, to be the best person you puppy or kitten could ask for, & help them grow into their best selves too!

To book or find out more about successful puppy or kitten socialisation, please contact Linda.

As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!

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