Puppy & Kitten Socialisation

Great Socialisation & Early-Life Teaching is Probably the Most Important Thing You Will Do for Your Puppy or Kitten! 

Let us help you get early-life training right from the start! From forming a strong & supportive bond with your pup or kitten, to socialisation & life skills, to teaching & learning together for life, Inspiring Pets can help set you up for success!

The early weeks & months of life are so important for learning how to be happy, confident & successful in our human world. In kittens the socialisation window is earlier (2-8ish weeks), & in puppies a little longer & later (3-12 or up to 16 weeks), so there's lots to do in a short time! However it is important not to rush things, put pressure on our young learners, or risk causing anxiety through over-exposure or injudicious exposure. The right teaching & exposures during the early-life socialisation period (or lack of it +/- the wrong teaching/exposure) can really influence how your pup or kitten sees & copes with their world forever. Without a careful & proactive start, behavioural problems are more likely, which of course negatively impact pets' & their peoples' welfare, & can take a lifetime of work to cope with... Behaviour problems are the biggest threat to the human-animal bond, and the number-one reason dogs are relinquished. 

It is vital to work slowly & steadily on calm, gentle & positive socialisation & exposure to life, in a mindful way. So, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right to set you bundle of joy up to become a well-balanced, happy & confident friend for life. Linda teaches individualised socialisation & early-life lessons in your home, & sometimes out & about, e.g. at the vets, groomers, in the car, or on walks (puppies), etc., +/- occasional small groups.

Linda is a certified animal trainer, Veterinary Nurse Specialist in Behaviour, & an ASAB-accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (for cats & dogs), so you're being appropriately guided in starting out right. We teach in a fun, easy & tailored way, which helps you understand your pet’s needs, to be the best person you puppy or kitten could ask for, & help them grow into their best selves too!

To book or find out more about successful puppy or kitten socialisation, please contact Linda.

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