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Training and Behaviour Modification

In general it training may be considered to be preventative, e.g. for early-life learning & socialisation, to proactively teach skills, to address simple management problems or problem behaviours that owner find difficult to cope with (which may actually be normal for pets to perform, but aren't always easy or desirable to live with!).

Whereas behaviour modification, or "rehab training", is aimed at helping animals with problem behaviours, emotional problems, abnormal or out-of-context behaviours, or those which affect, or are affected by, physical health. Behaviour consults aim to first identify emotional motivations & environmental problems, learning history, severity of the problem & how it is affecting pets' & peoples' lives, then to create a tailored prevention & training plan.

Both involve careful attention to pets' wants & needs to ensure good welfare & health. Both should always be carried out under the guidance of an appropriately qualified & experienced trainer or behaviourist, depending on your pet's needs. See our FAQs for further information on this.

Dogs & cats sometimes suffer from more serious behavioural or emotional problems too, which may impact on their, & your, welfare & quality of life, as well as disrupt relationships between family members & other pets. Some of these behaviours may manifest as distress, fears & phobias, aggression, guarding of resources. For example, dogs & cats may show reactive or fearful behaviours towards triggers, e.g. unknown (or known) people, dogs or other animals, fireworks, thunder, the vet practice +/- groomer, being home alone, car travel, etc. As an ASAB accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, for cats & dogs, & a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behaviour, Linda is appropriately qualified & experienced to help you work on specific behaviour problems, often in collaboration with your veterinary practice (& always on veterinary referral).  We will consult to ascertain the nature & extent of the problem, then develop a personalised behaviour management plan to help your pet learn, feel safer, more confident & cope in problem situations.

To get started, please contact Linda for further details about any of your pet’s training or behaviour management issues, or any aspect of our one-to-one behaviour management services. I consult UK-wide on cat behaviour cases.

One-to-One Lessons & Behaviour Management​

At Inspiring Pets, we understand that - whilst we all want to have warm, relaxed, fun & communicative relationships our pets, sometimes things go a little off the tracks.

Many of the problem behaviours that owners experience with their pets are often due to inter-species miscommunication. It is important to know that dogs, cats & other animals, think & act differently from us humans. Usually, the things they do that upset us are just them doing their best in a situation that they have never learned to do anything else in. Our pets aren't born automatically knowing what we want them to do, so they do what comes naturally & what works for them, which may often cause frustration, annoyance & embarrassment to their owners.

Our aim is to teach & support you & your best friend to communicate effectively, replace unwanted behaviours with better ones, & to help your pet feel safe & comfortable, so as to cope in problem situations, so as to get your relationship back on track. We will help you bring out the best in your relationship with pet. While training & behaviour change with your pet can take patience & consistency, we help you progress & enjoy the learning journey together.

Here are just some of the reasons owners may need Inspiring Pet Teaching’s help in one-to-one training lessons:

Building, or brushing up on behaviours +/- ironing out training wrinkles. For example:

  • Socialisation & early learning for puppies & kittens
  • Changing unwanted behaviours in dogs & cats, such as excessive attention-seeking, jumping up, counter-surfing, rushing to the door, inappropriate play, etc.
  • Pulling on the lead &/or not coming back when called.
  • Lack of focus on you +/- too much interest in everything BUT you!
  • Introducing new pets, e.g. from "babyhood" or a shelter/rescue organisation; &/or bringing additional pets into a household with existing pets.
  • Training for comfort in being handled, for husbandry or grooming procedures, & veterinary visits. 
  • Crate training, in the home, or for travel purposes.
  • House/toilet training.
  • Any behaviour which concerns you, which you would like to work on or to have more information about
  • Providing mental stimulation & optimisation of pets' environmental for dogs & cats (e.g. for those who perhaps live indoors; live in multi-pet households; for those diagnosed with long-term health conditions; who are elderly; &/or are recovering from surgery, or under physiotherapy treatment).

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Inspiring Pet Teaching works with you & your pet to create indvidualised training & behaviour management plans.

We offer behaviour consultations for dogs & cats, & offer one-to-one training sessions for a variety of species, including dogs, cats & other pets. Linda follows evidence-principles, based on sound understanding of teaching & learning, in a way that is kind, fair & welfare-centred.

When working one-to-one, we believe you get the best value for your time, effort & money, & helping you to achieve your specific goals. We cover early life learning & socialisation for puppies & kittens, life skills & so-called manners, fun & games, & behaviour change plans for problems-solving or behaviour problems. From youngsters to oldies, dogs to cats, tricks to troubleshooting, improving veterinary patient care & home husbandry - we're here & ready to help you be successful.

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