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Supporting Cats, Dogs & Their People Towards Behaviour & Training Success!

Let us help you & your pet succeed together!

Whether it's socialising your puppy or kitten, teaching your pet everyday manners & life skills, problem prevention, working towards modification of behavioural problems with cats or dogs, or even training just for fun - great training improves the relationship you have with your pet, & helps you both enjoy a great bond. With this in mind, we aim to make the journey part of the destination, helping you to improve your understanding of & relationship with your pet, whilst enjoying the learning together.

We encourage each pet & owner team to learn at a pace that suits them, acknowledging & respecting each’s individuality, & tailoring teaching to your specific needs.

Services we offer include:

  • Puppy & kitten socialisation & early-life teaching
  • Cat & dog training for manners, life skills, confidence, mental stimulation, fun, tricks & sports or utility foundations.
  • Training for husbandry, handling & care procedures.
  • Behavioural assessment & behaviour modification training for problem behaviours.
  • Tailored socialisation, training, & behaviour modification plans in locations & situations that are relevant to pets & people, e.g. at home, the vet clinic, "on location" - out & about, on walks, etc.
  • Environmental management & optimisation to set pets up for success. 
  • Collaboration with vet practices.
  • Pet owner education & support.
  • Small group training/socialisation walks - for dogs & people who are at an appropriate place in their training.
  • Occasional small group classes to teach socialisation, life skills, fun stuff, +/- as part of a behaviour management plan - as demand & pet demographic dictates, & time allows.

Whether it’s a problem behaviour, or a behaviour problem, at Inspiring Pet Teaching, we will help you learn great communication skills, build strong bonds & teach pets what we want them to do to be able to successful in our world. We understand that, despite loving our pets, & wanting the best for them, our modern way of life can involve rushing, limited time & space, noise, being alone, &/or high pet population densities, etc., sometimes living in a human world can be tough on pets. Also, sometimes we may experience a "culture clash", making it hard to understand & provide for our pets' species-specific needs & their individual wants. All of this can lead to behavioural "fall out". We use animal & human teaching strategies that are kind, safe & enjoyable for you both, & are individualised to your situation & pet. 


At Inspiring Pet Teaching we Like TO make it personal!
we Teach training skills for the mutual benefit of both humans & animals in a relaxed & supportive learning environment We hope You'll love.

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We offer individualised training & behaviour management lessons for dogs, cats & other pets.

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