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Supporting Cats, Dogs & Their People Towards Behaviour & Training Success!

Linda is an ASAB-accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist for cats or dogs, therefore outwith these 2 species, for complex behaviour problems, you would be referred to someone who's expertise was in your species. However, from a prevention & training point of view, & for behaviour management, Linda's Veterinary Technician Specialism in Behaviour & Animal Training Certification are multi-species-applicable, so we are happy to work with a multitude of species, either pets (and small/pet livestock), in many circumstances & situations.  Recently we have worked not just with dogs & cats, but with sheep, horses, chickens, alpacas, rabbits & guinea pigs with great success, & benefit for the animal learners.

Often non-domesticated, so-called "exotic" pet animals are less used to being trained & handled, so care needs to be taken to ensure welfare & husbandry needs are met, & that training is a positive experience for them. Not only can working with these pets be a lot of fun for them & their owners, but it can also significantly improve their welfare, help them be successful in our world, as well as teaching us so much about them & their wants & needs too.                         

Please contact Inspiring Pet Teaching for further details of this service.

The principles of learning apply to all species, & use of welfare-centred positive reinforcement training is for all pets!
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