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Supporting Cats, Dogs & Their People Towards Behaviour & Training Success!

We believe that training with your pet can help you achieve wonderful things together. It should always benefit the pet, increase their welfare, enrich their & strengthen the human-animal bond. 

Whether working preventatively, e.g. from early life or adoption - from manners & life skills, to thought to trouble-shooting, &/or to fun & games - it's about learning to be successful together. And training doesn't have to just be all about problem solving either! At Inspiring Pet Teaching, we are dedicated to helping you improve your bond with your pet, & focusing on building desired behaviours, improving the behaviours you want to see more of, &/or helping you change problem behaviours, so as to optimise pets' & peoples' welfare when living together.

We use up-to-date scientific methods, with no fear or force, & with welfare at the heart of all we do. Inspiring Pet Teaching never uses punishment, harsh or so-called "whispering" techniques, but focuses on only positive training & behaviour modification. Our philosophy is: First: do no harm; but better: do good - after all - this is your best friend! We understand how animals learn, what cats & dogs need, how to monitor & maintain good welfare, & how to teach pets & their people kindly. Our methods are kind, fair & effective, & are suitable for pets & owners of all knowledge/levels & abilities. We aim to teach in a fun, supportive & safe learning environment for all.

Our Philosophy on behavioural Care, Welfare &  Animal Training

Behavioural care & positive "life skills" training is an essential part of our lifelong relationships with pets.