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As Dedicated To Your Pets As You Are!

Linda Roberts Ryan veterinary nurse technician lecture VN VTS oncology specialist CPD CE referral

Training with your pet can help you achieve wonderful things - from good manners & life skills, to trouble-shooting to fun & games. It's about learning to be successful together, & doesn't have to just be all about problem solving either! At Inspiring Pet Teaching we are dedicated to helping you improve your bond with your pet & focus on improving the behaviours you want to see more of - there's so much you can do together!

We can teach you & your pet skills for life, as well as fun behaviours, games, sporting basics, focus & confidence exercises - you can learn to "speak dog" too, helping you both to understand each other better & have a more fulfilled relationship, continuing to build that special bond as the years go by.

Using up-to-date scientific methods & with welfare at its core, Inspiring Pet Teaching never uses punishment, harsh or so-called "whispering" techniques, but focuses on only positive training. Our philosophy is: First, do no harm - after all - this is your best friend! We understand how dogs learn - our methods are kind, fair & effective, & are suitable for pets & owners of all knowledge/levels & abilities.

Clicker training is fun, fast & your pet controls the learning, becomes part of the team & both of you enjoy it! 

Training Philosophy​

Training can be part of your lifelong relationship, living & learning together, for the benefit of all!