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Previous client Review form

This form is for clients who have previously worked with Inspiring Pet Teaching, but who have not been seen for >6 months.

Behaviour is dynamic, training needs are fluid, & pets' behaviour changes over time.

This review form will allow us to best help you & your pet as things currently are (as well as ensure your details are correct & up-to-date). Depending on how long ago you were last seen by Inspiring Pet Teaching, you may need to be re-referred by your vet (this will be decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on your/your pet's needs).

Please complete the following review form as best you can, providing as much descriptive detail as possible. 

Please note, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the following questions - they are aimed at providing comprehensive background information on/insight into your pet's current behaviour, lifestyle & living situation, so that we may best be able to help you. Please complete all parts. We know it may seem a little lengthy, but behaviour is complex & multifactorial, so this is all necessary, useful & relevant - whether you are booking for training lessons or behavioural treatment. We have tried to make this form as easy, quick & user-friendly as possible to help you. The more information you can provide, the better we can help you, & the more efficiently we can use our time together when we meet.  (Please allow approximately 45-60 minutes [depending on the complexity of the case] for completion & submission this form. Tip: click "save" whenever you wish, so as to return to the form; &/or before submitting this form.

If we haven't worked together in a while, your file & data may have been deleted, in compliance with GDPR (hence re-gathering of baseline information). Depending on your updates +/- the nature of any changes, more information may be gathered so as to best understand the nature of your current query/concern. All data is being gathered solely for the purposes of helping you with your pet’s training & behaviour management, & will be kept confidential, stored securely & not shared (other than salient information with your vet, +/- other named persons, & with your permission). Read more on our privacy policy.

Thanks in advance - I look forward to working with you & your pet again :-)