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In 2014, Linda was delighted to be made a faculty member at the world-leading Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour. Linda is an experienced educator & is passionate about providing the highest quality & most up-to-date teaching to the next generation of training professionals. She is excited offer the Karen Pryor Academy's flagship Dog Trainer Program in the heart of the beautiful New Forest National Park, & in selected UK & European locations!

In progress:2024 Course - New Forest, UK (venue: Bramshaw Village Hall, Rowhill, Bramshaw, Nr Lyndhurst, Hants., S043 7JE):

  • Course enrolment: 15th November, 2023
  • ​Regional format:
    • Workshop 1: Tue 16 & Wed 17 January, 2024
    • Workshop 2: Tue 26 & Wed 27 March, 2024 
    • Workshop 3: Tue 14 & Wed 15 May, 2024 
    • Workshop 4: Tue 6 & Wed 7 August, 2024
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Coming up: 2024 Course - Online

  • Course enrolment: September, 2024
    • Four-workshop format, with mid-way sessions: 
      • Pre-workshop 1 session: Thurs 10 October, 2024
      • Workshop 1: Tues 19 & Weds 20 November, 2024
        • Inter-workshop session: Thurs 19 December, 2024
      • Workshop 2: Tues 21 & Weds 22 January, 2025
        • Inter-workshop session: Thurs 27 February, 2025
      • Workshop 3: Tues 18 & Weds 19 March, 2025
        • Inter-workshop session: Thurs 24 April, 2025
      • Workshop 4: Tues 13 & Weds 14 May, 2025
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Coming up: 2025 Course - New Forest, UK (venue: Braemore (Hulse) Hall
Salisbury Road, Breamore, Fordingbridge, SP6 2EA):

  • Course enrolment: 19th November, 2023
  • ​Regional format:
    • Workshop 1: Tue 4 & Wed 5 February, 2025
    • Workshop 2: Tue 8 & Wed 9 April, 2025
    • Workshop 3: Tue 24 & Wed 25 June, 2025
    • Workshop 4: Tue 26 & Wed 27 August, 2025
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"The Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program takes an innovative approach to developing and supporting outstanding positive reinforcement trainers who teach the general public.

Our 9-month course combines online learning with hands-on teaching from some of the most experienced teachers in the field. Graduates become part of a community of trainers who demonstrate a consistent level of excellence and represent themselves and the Karen Pryor Academy name proudly.

Benefits of This Course

  • Educational. Take your teaching and training skills to the next level.
  • Real. Learn hands-on from our accomplished faculty in 4 two-day workshops.
  • Convenient. Study at your convenience online.
  • Collegial. Join a network of positive reinforcement trainers.
  • Smart. Accelerate your career with our unparalleled marketing support.
  • Rewarding. Earn CEUs from IAABC and CCPDT."

To chat about the course, please feel free to email: 

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Learn more about the Karen Pryor Academy

Karen Pryor Academy is a member of the Animal Behaviour & Training Council. ABTC accreditation means that as part of KPA, which has been rigorously assessed for membership, our UK graduates have demonstrated & pledged to uphold high levels of ethical, professional standards, as well as being outstanding teachers & trainers. Being a KPA graduate, & being listed on the ABTC’s Animal Training Instructor listing, serves to assure both the pet-owning public, as well as fellow professionals & the veterinary community, of our graduates' commitment to ethical interactions with animals & people, as well as maintaining the highest of standard of training, showing a positive & proactive commitment towards self-regulation & exemplary professional standards.

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Linda Roberts Ryan veterinary nurse technician lecture VN VTS oncology specialist CPD CE referral

Karen Pryor Academy Professional Animal Trainer Program 

​We are excited to teach the next generation of professional trainers!