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Top Ten Tips For Training Success!‚Äč

Ken Ramirez, world-renowned behaviourist & biologist writes: "Animals deserve the best care we can possibly provide. Training should not be considered a luxury that is only provided if there is time; it is an essential part of good animal care."  

He's absolutely right! So, how do we do it successfully? Pawsitively, of course!!

At Inspiring Pets, we only use positive methods to teach pets - here are our top tips:

  1. Make it fun!
  2. Never punish your pet - it's not fair & doesn't teach them anything useful.
  3. Keep training sessions short & sweet! 
  4. No distractions. Set yourselves up for success.
  5. Be a splitter, not a lumper! Break things down into the smallest possible criteria.
  6. It's all in the timing. What you click is what you get.
  7. Train with a plan.
  8. Keep you rate of reinforcement high.
  9. Be consistent. Be fair to your pet.
  10. At all times, train within your animal's physical, mental & emotional capabilities, with their welfare at the heart of everything you do together :-)

Happy training!