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Supporting Cats, Dogs & Their People Towards Behaviour & Training Success!

Through many years of experience of working with pets and their people, as well as gaining extensive education and certification Linda has gained a thorough knowledge of learning theory, which is essential for understanding how all animals (including humans) learn and develop behaviours. This understanding is critical when teaching our pets any new skills, consolidating existing behaviours or changing unwanted behaviours.

So how do animals learn? It begins with an intricate balance between the genes that Mother Nature provides and experiences throughout life. Studies in over 200 species, humans included, show that animals learn in the same way - in the context of who they are & their species – they do what works for them. Our pets constantly try out different things and, when a behaviour has a positive consequence for them, that behaviour is likely to be repeated. So, instead of learning by trial and error, they learn by trial and success! Everything, we, our dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, etc. do is based our motivations, emotional needs, and on never-ending circle of performance, feedback and revision. This starts right from the very beginning - which is why proper puppy and kitten socialisation and habituation is so important, followed by provision of a lifetime of great teaching and guidance.

At Inspiring Pet Teaching we understand how pets learn. 

Let us help you to build on your successes & improve behaviours.

Most “problem behaviours” are not a problem for our pets, but for us humans – our cats & dogs are usually behaving in a normal way and doing what works for them in a particular circumstance – to quote Susan Friedman “there are no problem behaviours, just problem situations”. Effective solutions involve establishing the motivation for unwanted behaviours, then making that behaviour irrelevant, inefficient and ineffective for that animal, whilst meeting their needs and teaching something more appropriate and rewarding in its place, using positive reinforcement. It’s not rocket science: it’s behaviour science!

Great news - think of all those teaching opportunities! We can train all day, reinforcing what we like and preventing problems - so keep your eyes peeled for your cat's & dog's great behaviour. We can help you - your success is in your hands! To find out more,
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